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A mouldable, sticky biomaterial that can be applied directly from the syringe. When in contact with blood, GUIDOR easy-graft hardens within minutes to form a porous scaffold that perfectly fits the defect morphology thus providing excellent clot stability in the initial healing period.

• Direct from the syringe 
• Mouldable mass assists tissue manipulation during application  
• In-situ hardening for clot stabilisation 
• No substances of animal or human origin
• Choice of resorption profiles



Alloplastic bone graft granules
After a number of years of refinement, GUIDOR calc-i-oss answers the original demand for an alloplastic bone graft granule.

Available in two resorption formats:

  • GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC
  • GUIDOR calc-i-oss CRYSTAL

Both formats offer:

  • 100 % Alloplastic material (no substances of animal or human origin)
  • High porosity
  • Osteoconductivity
  • Stable spherical granules
  • No crumbling or fragmentation during application. This limits formation of micro particles, which may be associated with inflammatory reactions
Guidor Matrix Barriers

Guidor Matrix Barriers

A unique range of translucent devices presented in multi-layered design that facilitates soft tissue integration and regeneration. It is the first and most widely studied alloplastic matrix and barrier technology available today.

  • Barrier function maintained for minimum of 6 weeks (1)
  • Tissue integrating
  • Space supporting
  • Malleable and easy to handle
  • 100% synthetic with predictable resorption
  • Choice of Guided Tissue and Guided Bone Regeneration format


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