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100% Resorption – More Space for New Bone

Space for regeneration

GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC consists of a phase-pure ß-TCP 100% alloplastic material with no elements of animal or human origin. Macropores provide space for vascularization and bone regeneration. The open micropores of GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC allow for optimal fluid circulation.


Replaced by Bone

GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC is biocompatible and osteoconductive. Material resorption and bone regeneration proceed in parallel. GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC is fully resorbed within 5 to 15 months. In clinical practice, resorption of phase-pure ß-TCP is observed after shorter healing periods. No foreign material remains in the body.

Histological Analysis

Human histology, 8 months after sinus floor augmentation with GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC. The disintegrating material (grainy appearance) is surrounded (in purple) by newly formed bone (1).


calcioss1 calcioss12


1. Image courtesy Dr. Jaroslaw Pospiech, Poznan, Poland and Dr. Heiner Nagursky, University of Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany.

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